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February 11, 2015 Rob Abdul

This page has the most commonly used mobile phone related jargon words and their meanings:

ARPU Average Revenue Per User A term used to describe the financial value of a program, application or service.
BREW Proprietary mobile device platform developed by Qualcomm. BREW
Deck Refers to the web presence maintained by a carrier. When you access the web from a mobile device, the first page you see is often referred to as the carrier deck. But is commonly used to refer to all mobile web sites.
Deck Placement The term used to describe where a third-party vendor WAP site, or application will appear on the Carrier Deck. Default order on content on most Carrier Decks is determined by sales. New items often have temporary
Flash Lite Mobile version of the Flash product developed by Macromedia (now Adobe). Uses vector graphics to provide rich user interface at mobile friendly file sizes. Currently only available to developers, but is beginning to be rolled out to consumers.
G as in 2G, 2.5G and 3G The generations of mobile networks. Officially there are only 1G, 2G & 3G, but several midpoints have been defined as 2.5G, 2.75G, 4G, etc.
J2ME Java 2 Platform Micro Edition Predominant mobile device platform based on Java. J2ME is used to describe both a class of devices as well as the applications that run on it.
LBS Location-based Services The ability for a mobile device to provide information that is relevant to it
Mobile Portable personal communication devices able to connect voice calls or data requests wirelessly. Not to be confused with
MVNO Mobile Virtual Network Operator A branded wireless provider that does not own or operate a wireless network. see Virgin Mobile or ESPN Mobile
Walled Garden A user experience designed to keep the user content while restricting access to content outside the approved boundaries. see Sprint or MTV Mobile
WAP Wireless Application Protocol An open international standard for applications that use wireless communication, for example Internet access from a mobile phone.
WML Wireless Markup Language An XML language used to specify content and user interface for WAP devices. Often referred as WAP 1.0
XHTML-MP Extensible HyperText Markup Language: Mobile Profile A strict subset of XHTML, used as a markup language for wireless application development. Often referred as WAP 2.0
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