Web Database Technologies Available Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle 9i

Web Database Technologies Available Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle 9i
February 11, 2015 Rob Abdul

A multithreaded database solution like MySQL would be able to treat multiple visitors at the same time without slowing down the web site.

MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that: provides users with a powerful multi-user, multi-threaded SQL (Structured Query Language) database solution.  Microsoft Access is a single-threaded system.  This means it deals with requests one at a time

MySQL is significantly faster and more robust than Microsoft Access.

MS Access cannot cope effectively with more than 5 concurrent users.   My SQL by default can cope with 100 concurrent users without any loss of performance.

Low End Solution Mid Way Solution High Mid Way High End Solution
MS Access MySQL MS SQL Oracle 9i
Cost of Developing Within Budget Reasonable Expensive Very Expensive
Advantages Ideal for testing a prototype systemSkills, wide spread.Little or no Maintenance

Costs as the functional specification includes web site administration.

MySQL is one of the most used open source databases in the world.Its free and available over the world wide webAbility to handle an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Capacity to handle 50,000,000+ records.

Very fast command execution, perhaps the fastest to be found on the market.

Easy and efficient user privilege system.

Supports MS SQL Server specific featuresSimplifies data updatingSpeeds up fetch of records from database

Provides automatic refresh for records

Advanced design time editors

Suitable for very large corporate e-commerce solutionsImproved throughputScalability over single instance systems

Improved response time

High availability


Disadvantages Mainly Suitable for SME’s Skills and support scarce and can be expensiveMaintenance costs high Skills and support very scarce and expensiveMaintenance costs expensive
Rob Abdul
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