Managing your Online Reputation

Managing your Online Reputation
February 11, 2015 Rob Abdul

It is estimated that 80% of employers research candidates online before considering you for an interview. Social networking sites such as Ecademy, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are all excellent social networking tools, however you may have posted comments and photos that may not show you in the best light and as such you would not want a potential employer to see.

Here are some useful tips for managing your online reputation:

Google yourself – See what comes up. You might be surprised to see what’s in your online profile or some of the comments you may have posted.

Clean up your act -Make private any content you wouldn’t want your current or a potential employer to see, better still delete it.

Rename yourself – Ensure your online profile, email and IM addresses are clean and professional.

Be Proactive – Set up a Google alert in your name so you can monitor what’s published about you online.

Choose friends carefully – Remember the old saying, “You are judged by the friends you keep”.

Rob Abdul
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