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Rob Abdul BSc(HONS) PgCert PgDip MSc Author 

Rob has more than 20 years of experience in delivering internet solutions to a wide variety of Clients (blue chip, NGO’s & SME’s) both through his employment, and freelance endeavours. His personal goal is to be the best in his field and to be number one in Google’s generic web search for the key words  “Rob Abdul” without paying for the pleasure.

A pay-per-click campaign can get him there right away, but Rob wants Google to recommend him to the world. He wants to get to the top without taking a short cut and paying for it. Rob wants to get to the top with lots of hard work!

Specialties: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Online & Offline Marketing, Web Strategy, Marketing Strategy,, eBusiness, eCommerce, Implementation Strategy, Content Management Systems.


Walk a While in My Shoes
By Rob Abdul
IS.B.N – 1477128476

A Moment Of Stasis
My poem My Goddess
will be published in this anthology
January 2013
IS.B.N –

Down Memory Lane
My poem Love Transcends Time
will be published in this anthology
January 2013
IS.B.N –

Cherished Moments
A Collection Of Poetry
My poem Returning The Gift
will be published in this anthology
January 2013
IS.B.N –

West Midlands
IS.B.N – 1861884044
My poem Divine Inspiration
was published in this anthology

West Midlands 1996
I.S.B.N – 1857316770
My poem Dreaming in a dream
was published in this anthology

Stirred Not Shaken
I.S.B.N – 1857316762
My poem Power of Love
was published in this anthology

Indelible Ink
I.S.B.N – 185731641X
My poem Life
was published in this anthology

Expressions In Verse
I.S.B.N – 1857316851
My poem Perfection Of Beauty
was published in this anthology



Vaisakhi Birmingham 2015: 19 more fabulous photos from Sunday’s parade and celebrations
27 April 2015 | Photographer Rob Abdul joins the crowds on the walk from Hockley to Handsworth Park
Thousands of people joined Sunday’s Vaisakhi celebrations in Birmingham as parades from Smethwick and Hockley made their way to an open air event at Handsworth Park.

amazon-fulfillmentThe Mighty Amazon Is Swelling
07/29/13 4:42 PM PT | E-Commerce Times | 580 Words
Expansion Strategy
Amazon’s growth and hiring spree is right in line with its strategy of spending money to make money, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul .

“This is a textbook case of Amazon aggressively expanding its centralized infrastructure to…

eBay Hustles to Reach More Customers on the Same Day
07/23/13 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 567 Words
Online shoppers are drawn to the promise of faster shipments, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul , but same-day service is unlikely to be a deal breaker for most of them.

“Consumers are much more interested in free delivery and lower prices…

eBay Banks on Core Strengths to Weather European Doldrums
07/18/13 11:06 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 702 Words
Fighting Off Competition
Despite its current advantages with mobile commerce, the company faces stiff market competition, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul .

One of the best ways it can continue to become a more compelling site than those rivals…

Yelp to Give Restaurant Delivery a Whirl
07/12/13 5:00 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 597 Words
Food delivery is the natural place to start offering those transaction capabilities, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul .

“We cannot live without food, and given the success and growth of other good delivery services, there is the potential to make revenue,”…

Google’s BufferBox Buy Could Horn In on Amazon’s Locker
12/03/12 11:09 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 603 Words
E-Commerce Expansion?
With the gains to be had in e-commerce, Google is likely looking for ways to expand its offerings in the area, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul . By acquiring BufferBox, Google can do what it does best –…

Apple Tries Its Hand at Discounts, Refurbs
11/21/12 5:00 AM PT | MacNewsWorld | 806 Words
Our Products, Our Profit
Apple is more widely known as an elite brand that can get away with slapping a premium price tag on its products, said e-commerce consultant Rob Abdul . So, it’s a wise move by the company…

grouponGroupon Shares Dumped in Discount Bin After Rough Quarter
02/09/12 10:47 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 572 Words
It is only logical,” Rob Abdul , an independent e-commerce consultant, told the E-Commerce Times.

In addition to a declining tax rate, Groupon said it will cut down on other costs such as marketing, on which the company spent $156.5 million in…

googleGoogle Shopping: Wanna Play? Gotta Pay
06/01/12 10:30 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 723 Words
The updated business model could even help merchants’ bottom lines in addition to Google’s, Rob Abdul , an e-commerce consultant, told the E-Commerce Times.

“I’m sure to offsetting the cost of a paid placement with a larger number of click-throughs will…

Gov’t Gives Walmart Go-Ahead to Dig Into China
08/16/12 10:44 AM PT | E-Commerce Times | 655 Words
Big Chinese Market
The sheer volume of online shoppers in China make a move into the country’s e-commerce scene a smart one for Western retailers, said Rob Abdul , an e-commerce consultant.

“An astounding 30 million Chinese consumers are…


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