E-Commerce Expert & Social Media Expert

What does an eCommerce Expert (eBusiness Specialist) do?

The eBusiness Specialist’s role is to coordinate, direct, and integrate the company’s e-commerce Web sites, services, and applications for the purpose of smooth business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions. This includes the development of e-commerce and e-business strategies for leveraging organisational procedures and processes via the Internet. I am responsible for working closely with Web development staff to ensure the design, implementation, and administration of the company’s Web portfolio.

Electronic Commerce, or more precisely Internet Commerce, is rapidly becoming the new challenge for business.

The growth of the Internet has important ramifications for the manner in which future business is to be conducted. New technologies and new capabilities are emerging to provide new opportunities, but with the attendant problems of harnessing this new potential into existing business practice.

As an eBusiness Specialist I am a highly competent and an innovative practitioner who can apply his technical knowledge, creative skills and commercial ability to exploit the enormous potential of carrying out business over computer networks.

I am able to identify the business and marketing opportunities that will benefit from the application of electronic commerce tools and techniques and successfully implement an electronic commerce system as part of a core business process; whilst ensuring supply chain and customer focused issues are addressed. Furthermore I can identify and exploit opportunities for business growth through the application of the most appropriate technologies for an electronic commerce system.

Companies have always faced competition in some form or another, and internet commerce is another source of competition and one that is predicted to have accelerated growth. The need for skilled professionals versed in the concepts and technology of electronic commerce has therefore never been more paramount. At the start of the 21st century there are very few organisations, and hence competitors, who are not embracing it.

Work Ethic

I have a similar work ethic to Client-Attorney privilege.

My communication on strategy with my Clients are sealed forever.

What we do or say to each other is “work product”.

I will not take on a Client that is a competitor to you whilst I am working with you, as the work and strategy I will employ will be mutually exclusive. For example there is only one number one spot on Google to aim for.

If you decided you do not wish to work with me – I will hand over passwords and any files of you I have within 14 days.

Subsequent to handing your passwords and any files of yours I have, I will not offer my services to your competitor until 6 months has passed.

Please feel free to look at my blog as you are bound to find something useful there and generally around my site where you will find eBusiness case studies that you will find useful whether you are a student or from a business.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

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