Importance of offline marketing – case study

Importance of offline marketing – case study
February 11, 2015 Rob Abdul

The purpose of this short study is to illustrate how offline marketing affects website visitor traffic levels in a positive way.

On this page there are two Pie Charts.  Each Pie Chart represents a real website.  Both sites are of similar number of pages.

The Pie Charts illustrate the traffic sources to the respective websites.  These are:

  • Direct Traffic:  visitors to typing in your website in their browsers address bar
  • Search Engines:  visitors that have found your site by typing it in a search query in a search engine
  • Refering Sites:  visitors that have clicked on your website form another website

For the purpose of this study we are examining only the “Direct Traffic” medium.


Site A – This site owner gives out their business cards that contain their web address on it.


Site B – This site owns give out their business cards, and addition to this they circulate Flyers, Posters, and take part in Exhibitions

It is clear to see that offline marketing has a direct effect on a websites traffic levels. I see evidence for this not only on the two sites in this study but on many dozens of sites.

Rob Abdul
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