I am a published author and I am an eBusiness Specialist. I have extensive experience in all aspects of the Internet and the World Wide Web. I have 20 years worth of experience in the industry and I hold a Masters degree in Electronic Commerce.

What does Rob Abdul do?

I take a holistic approach in improving your online identity. I am your Jerry Maguire on steroids for the Internet. The top spot on Google is limited to 10 places. There are SEO companies out there who, for a monthly regular fee will promise you first page ranking which is possible for a short period of time by amassing a tonne of back links, but this it is not sustainable as Google have cottoned on to this practice and devalue these types of links. Unless you allign your online and offline marketing strategies and take a holistic approach you will not be good enough to be on the first page of Google.

I can help improve the social footprint of your company but unfortunately not every business is cut out for the first page of Google and if this is the case, I will tell you at initial consultation level. For this reason I am selective of whom I choose to work with and that being said, registered charities get priority.

I Manage your social media, and raise your profile and search engine placement with Google, Design, scope and build ebusiness systems, CMS (content management systems), CRM (customer relationship management) systems, bespoke web applications, and develop your businesses eMarketing strategy.

I increase your websites trust with Search Engines which in turn improves your return on investment, improving your visitor count and pages viewed.

Over the years I have been involved in many high profile projects. On my testimonial page you see just a handful. Of these some of the notable projects were:

BMW Motorrad

Working in a team of highly experienced designers under the direction of Angi Egan a renowned retail specialist I was responsible for the technical construction of a portal website / extranet for BMW Motorrad. The portal site connected each of the 22 BMW Motorrad showrooms across the UK to a central hub.

Other notable projects include managing the technical transition of Acorns Children’s Hospices website while they were the official sponsors of Aston Villa FC and I managed all technical aspects of Blind Dave Heeley Top2Toe challenge, web development, phone app & social media.

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  • Rob Abdul was recognised by our team as one of the leading eTail Influencers due to his extensive social authority, experience within marketing and e-commerce and blog https://www.robabdul.com/

    We worked closely with Rob to provide value from the eTail series of events to the wider e-commerce industry. Rob truly is one of the leading eTail Influencers we have and we look forward to working closely with him on the eTail Portfolio of events globally.

    Emily Colette Taylor
    Emily Colette TaylorUK Marketing Manager at SQS
  • I have known Rob Abdul for a couple of years now although it’s only recently that he has been building my profile up and promoting the work that I feel so passionate about. It’s for this reason that I initially felt unable to let go of the control of doing my own thing as I was so used to doing it all my own way. What I didn’t realise is that in the early stages there are so many things that need to be in place before you can position yourself in the market place. Rob managed all of these things for me; my re-branding, my website, online and offline advertising, search engine optimisation, social media, printed media as well as my digital media.

    I am simply AMAZED at what he has been able to do in just TWO months!

    1. 400% increase in traffic on my website
    2. Appearance on Frank Skinner’s Opinionated show on BBC2 that aired on 25th March 2011
    3. Guest appearace on Live Radio “The Bridge 102.5” hosted by Elizabeth Lee-Crowther on 10th April 2011

    I actually said on live radio that Rob Abdul is my PR Guru and I can certainly vouch for that. What he has done to completely re-vamp my image as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Therapist has been the most exciting thing to have happened to me in my career. I have certainly heard of others who do similar work however I have never come across someone who is as humble, as nice and as totally committed as Rob. Nothing seems to phase him and he has an excellent way of explaining each and every step I need to take before I am asked to take it.

    Rob understood my initial discomfort in being “out there” in front of people on television and being heard by an audience on the radio, however, his total handling and management of my business gave me complete faith in his ability. His guidance and opinion is of the utmost importance to me and I am so excited and so looking forward to what great idea he has in store for me next!

    Catrima Gabrielle
    Catrima GabrielleAnimal Communicator
  • Rob Abdul an e-business specialist has helped us in many ways. The eBusiness Specialist’s role is to co-ordinate, direct, and integrate e-commerce Web sites, services, and applications for the purpose of smooth business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions. This includes the development of e-commerce and e-business strategies for leveraging organisational procedures and processes via the Internet. Rob works closely with Web development staff to ensure the design, implementation, and administration of a company’s Web portfolio. We thoroughly recommend his expertise and personable approach.

    Dennis Foster
    Dennis FosterDirector
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